“pure serendipity”

Amber is great; really great. Our introduction to Amber was pure serendipity. We were chatting with a shopkeeper in Melrose who, upon hearing that we might just like to live here, wholeheartedly recommended Amber. And now we know why. If you’re bothered by snooty, impersonal real estate agents who show up in a super flashy car and grant you a brief audience before whisking away to their more important appointments, Amber is the antidote. We were first time buyers, which admittedly means we have no point of comparison. We did our research (lots of research, actually), but we wanted a guide to help us through the complicated, harrowing process of buying a home in the North Shore area (centered around Melrose). Our budget was modest, considering the area, but Amber didn’t bat an eye. We got straight to business (we actually put an offer on the first property we saw with her — our first eye-opening experience of the high-intensity bidding wars to come!). Amber took us to any listing we were interested in and spent as much time as we needed looking at it and discussing the pros and cons — even far-away areas she was less familiar with, with sometimes short notice (sorry Amber!). She always had useful feedback on the listing and property, and sometimes knew before we did whether we would or wouldn’t like a place. Amber is super communicative. Text, email, phone calls — whatever works best for you. She is really responsive! If you have a question, she has the answer. I don’t know if Amber or her agency has selected the technology they use, called dotLoop, but wow that tool was great — we were able to review and finalize offer letters and other paperwork in minutes from our smartphones. Beyond convenient. It hasn’t been too long since we moved in, but we’re ecstatic with our new house and we really have to thank Amber for making it possible. We’ve stayed in touch with her too, as she has some terrific referrals for service providers in the area. If you’re looking for a buyer’s agent, I can’t recommend Amber more strongly.